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We are the Golden Age Heroes. Champions of the ideals first set forth by the brighter heroes of yesterday.
Justice, Liberty, and Integrity are our watchwords, the foundation of our beliefs,
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Though each of us remain a unique representation of those ideals, we all share the vision,
 and vow to keep it alive through our words and actions.
We will not bend in the face of adversity.
 We will stand with each other and protect these beliefs with all our might. 
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Forums : The Paragons > Message to Former GAH Members
Nurse Midnight (SuperAdmin) 9/1/2012 4:13 PM EST : Message to Former GAH Members
Paragon (YGA)
Nurse Midnight
Posts: 8292

Hey everyone, I'd just like you all to know that the Golden Age Heroes won't be closing it's doors with the end of City Of Heroes.  While we're brainstorming and working on what we're going to do, the Officers and myself wanted to offer that if any former member of the GAH not currently on the team roster would like to rejoin for the final time we have together, please contact us and we'll make arrangements for an invite.  It's the least we can do with the current situation.  Despite the good and the bad, once a god, always a god.  Gods Protect.

Nurse Midnight (YGA)  Nightowl (GGA)  Libertygirl (YGA)
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13Runes (Member) 9/1/2012 7:04 PM EST : RE: Message to Former GAH Members
Posts: 1995

I'd like to do that if I may, and I hope it's alright if I ask here.

I can even dust Knight of Swords out of retirement.

Rune, proud leader of the Silver Age Sentinels
"Everyone has secrets, there's no point in denying this truth, everybody wears masks. I prefer to wear this one literally, rather than hide behind a metaphorical lie. As I expect you to respect my secrets, know that yours are likewise safe from me."

Knight of Swords;
"The proper use of power is not only your duty and your responsibility, it should also be your honor. The type and amount of power in question simply does not matter." [Click name for Virtueverse page.]


Miss Novastar (Legacy Member) 9/2/2012 2:41 AM EST : RE: Message to Former GAH Members
GP User: Shadow Howler

Shadow Howler
Posts: 115

I was talking to Crow about this earlier, I have revived my original GAH member, my scrapper Shadow-Howler to rejoin if that is possible.

in game @Fomsie


US Peacemaker (Member) 11/28/2012 11:38 PM EST : RE: Message to Former GAH Members
US Peacemaker
Posts: 170

US Peacemaker started his career in The Gods of the Golden Age and would love to be with them until the end. I would love it if I could be reinvited. Please let me know if and when, thank you =)

@US Peacemaker 2

"The future holds nothing but confrontation." -Destro

Champions Online @GuardianSipapu
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The Gold Falcon (SuperAdmin) 11/29/2012 2:58 AM EST : RE: Message to Former GAH Members
Paragon (GGA)
The Gold Falcon
Posts: 3864

Nice to see you back, US.  Someone will hopefully catch you online to get you invited.

For Order and Justice
Gold Falcon (GGA) Emerald Scarab (YGA) General Zarn (LSI) Impervium Falcon (MGA)
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