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Forums : At the Greylock > A New Begining.
The Gold Falcon (SuperAdmin) 11/4/2012 10:51 PM EST : A New Begining.
Paragon (GGA)
The Gold Falcon
Posts: 3862

We're not sure what caused the exodus, some say it was an accident at Portal Corp, some think it was a Rikti weapon, others say it was a Nemesis plot. A flash of light hit Paragon City and engulfed it in a blinding wave. When we awoke, we were in another place, another world, different, yet similar to Paragon City. It was difficult at first, but with help we were able to make contact with Paragon and develop a teleportation beam to try to return home. However, there was a problem, it didn't work the way we thought it would and there was a limit to the technology that effects everyone differently due to our powers. Some were able to return home, some only for a limited time, and some weren't able to return at all.

Some time has passed since that day and more of our friends and allies have appeared in this new world, this new city of heroes. We've decided establish a branch of the Golden Age Heroes here, to stay together as not only as team, but as family. It may be a brave new world, but together we can face anything.

((Please use this thread to post your character's perspectives and experiences on these unfolding events))

For Order and Justice
Gold Falcon (GGA) Emerald Scarab (YGA) General Zarn (LSI) Impervium Falcon (MGA)
Characters: Gold Falcon

Lux Aeternum (SuperAdmin) 11/5/2012 1:13 AM EST : RE: A New Begining.
Mistress of Mischief
Paragon (YGA)
Lux Aeternum
Posts: 2320

It wasn't an accident.

At least, not for Samantha Tayler, known in Paragon City as Lux Aeternum, magical heroine and heir apparent to the Midnight Mage. One of the many perks of being both child and pupil of the renowned arcanist was access to one of the finest libraries in the multiverse. It was stocked with more books than could be reasonably studied in a dozen or more lifetimes, covering topics ranging from the use of aardvark eyebrows in potions (and chicken soup!) all the way to the most forbidden of magics.

The library was also fantastic at keeping away door-to-door pollsters shilling their favorite candidates to the newly-adult sorceress. No matter how fervently one supports this politician or the other, not many are willing to brave an extra-dimensional jaunt through the shadow planes- particularly when the purpose is to irritate a potentially volatile mage. It was thus the perfect location for Samantha to hide out for a few weeks while this whole 'election' thing blew over, right? She'd already tried the 'LuxStar,' a not-so-secret, not-so-hidden base claimed by both Samantha and her friend Crow Call that routinely terrorized the Shadow Shard and the forces of Rularuu. By the time the third pollster knocked on the hatch that may or may not have actually led into the spiky, laser-covered sphere, Samantha was both cursing their tenacity and admiring their courage. She was also desperately seeking a nice, quiet place to read about all the 'cool magic stuff' that had become available to her with her majority.

So when the 'event' that changed the lives of so many of Paragon's heroes struck, Samantha was curled in her favorite chair, hanging upside down in the 333rd row ('Fun with Phylacteries' to 'Fyghtying Magycks Moste Potente, c. 680') with her familiar 'Muffin' snuggled contentedly on her lap. As if to rebel against the obvious magic of hanging upside down with an obvious crime against nature curled contentedly on her lap while translating the original works of Nostradamus, she was quite comfortably relaxing in her shorts and cake-themed t-shirt, nodding her head more or less in sync to the sounds of 'Of Monsters and Men' sneaking through her iPad's headphones. She felt the band was oddly appropriate.

The dimensional transfer came and went completely unnoticed by the oblivious mage.

It wasn't until some time after the event that Samantha, bored of the quiet lack of mayhem in her father's library (after all, turning her father's familiar Isaac incandescent light bulb-colored is only funny the first six or seven times) emerged, looking for something to fix her ennui. Her first thought was to open a portal directly to Paragon's most popular night (and day!) club, but repressed the urge with a shudder. She was desperate for amusement, but not that desperate. The thought of being a freshly minted 18-year-old walking through that place sent a shiver down her spine and a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach, and Samantha idly wondered if that dread was the same feeling that Nurse Midnight felt every time Crow Call uttered the phrase 'I have an idea!' or 'ooh shiny!'

Instead, Samantha decided she'd amuse herself by peeking at the assorted heroes that tended to gather underneath the great statue of Atlas in the park bearing the legendary hero's name. For some reasons she couldn't quite fathom, many of Paragon's worst-dressed heroes often tried to traumatize passerby with their fashion sense. Perhaps they were trying to prove to the FBSA that 'eye rending color patterns' was a super power, or perhaps they were the secret reason why Vahzilok zombies had such... unique combat techniques. Several costumes had made Samantha a bit queasy, so she could only imagine how it might affect the scientifically zombified. Idly, she jotted down a note in a random, presumably priceless and irreplaceable tome. Must... discover... if horrible costumes... cause of zombie vomit?

She quickly donned her own costume (after all, it wouldn't do for 'Samantha Tayler, assistant candy shop manager and PCU freshman to step out of a magic portal!) and idly created the passageway that would take her through the pocket dimension into Primal Earth. As a sensible precaution, Samantha shielded her eyes as she stepped out into the busy square, fully prepared to close them entirely lest she sear her corneas from one of the more potent costumes.

It was thus a very shocked Samantha Tayler- now Lux Aeternum- that was greeted by utter silence as she emerged in the apparently deserted plaza. Instinctively, Samantha glanced upwards, readying her magical shields for Rikti attack.


Not a Rikti raid then. Hmm.

With a thought, a blade of pure light appeared in her outstretched hand, ready to fell the incoming zombie onslaught.


Hmm. It's the right time of year, too.


Nope. Not even a whiff of badly-disguised peoplebots.

It could still be a Nemesis plot. He does like his plots.

A quick spell of flight brought Lux to the top of City Hall- a likely point for a Praetorian attack portal. Sure, they were pretty much done after the royal butt-kicking Tyrant and his lackeys had gotten. Lux shivered at the thought of Tyrant's end-game, though. But given that, it was unlikely that there were any forces capable of a meaningful assault at this point, even if the remaining Praetorians wanted one.

And sure enough, not even a single one of Bobcat's hairballs could be seen.

Ugh, I've been hanging around Isaac too much if that's the first thing to pop into my head when I think of Praetoria!

Maybe it was the Winter Lord? It was almost time for his annual visits.

But there was not even a single flake  of snow to be found.

Which is a shame. I could have organized another snowbeast capture!

With a growing unease not unlike what she imagined Nurse might feel anytime Crowsie said 'take a look at what I found!', Lux quickly flew to the Greylock, hoping there was a simple explanation like another outbreak of bad enchantaladas keeping most of the heroes at bay. That was an awful weekend, one best forgotten in the annals of history forever, as far as Lux was concerned, but it could happen again. She suppressed a shudder at the thought of another bout of... that... and quickly flew to the Greylock's main entrance.

Sebastian's greeting did nothing to soothe her growing worry.

"Miss Westing, you have no idea how relieved I am to see you here! I have been unable to contact anyone since the dimensional disturbance, and I was beginning to fear the worst!"

Lux could only imagine the dumbfounded look on her face and newly-formed yet quickly-growing headache were very similar to the ones Nursie had had when Lux had her rather unfortunate incident with werevegetism.


Fortunately, it didn't take Lux and Sebastian, along with the others who had been 'left behind' and made contact with the Greylock to figure out what had happened to the bulk of Paragon's hero population. It took even less time for Lux to hop on back to her father's library (she refused to think of it as hers, even though her father had all-but given it to her when he decided to remain indefinitely in the Faerie realms. She liked to think he'd back some day, frowning disapprovingly at all things fun or exciting). Situated as it was in a pocket dimension stuffed into the shadow plane, the library sat on a veritable nexus of dimensional pathways. So many of Lux's friends were in this other dimension having fun without her, and more importantly, Nursie was there. Lux had to put all these responsible-type feelings and worry back with their proper owner.

Thus, when Lux jumped through the newly-formed portal several sleepless days later, it was certainly no accident. Because wherever her friends- her family- had gotten themselves off to, Lux would be there too, no matter what.

Besides, portals make commuting easy, right?

No matter what anyone could say about Samantha Tayler, she definitely knew how to have her cake and eat it too. Because no one with any sense got between Samantha and cake. Ever.
Lux - YGAH
Sheliak - YGAH
Sibyl - GAH
Astra - YSAS

Characters: Astra Amisi

The Hauntress (Member) 11/20/2012 12:02 AM EST : RE: A New Begining.
The Hauntress
Posts: 570

Croft Estate – Monhegan Island, Maine
November 19, 2012 1700 hours EST

A dark presence looms ever closer to the paint-peeled windowpane looking out onto a moon rising over the dusk of a blistery Maine high-tide.  Mist pours through the cracks of the window into the Victorian tiled Hearth of the Croft Mansion, silently brushing the shabby and worn kitchen butcher-block table legs and gauze dress of the elderly woman of regal stature chopping meat nearby.

The mist forms into the shapely figure of a woman whose webbed stockings and black high heel shoes pierce its veil to reveal a dark beauty of raven hair and sharp features draped in a sultry black dress seemingly woven from shadow.

“Children, your mother is home!” shouts the elderly woman, unphased and focused on her task at hand.

Looking at the newly corporeal woman, she asks dismissively, “out playing with the mortals again, were you?”

“Hello to you too Nana,” Victoria Croft replied, ignoring the tone of her question and kissing her on her desiccated cheek,  “I managed to get Martha and Gert’s lobster fleet off the harbor floor and back to the docks, but it took some effort…”

“Wasted effort if you ask me,” the elderly woman interrupted, waving the butcher knife around as she spoke, “Were this Martha and Gert sunk with their fleet?”

“Oh no Nana, they’re quite alive...”

“Shame that,” she interrupted again, “they’d be worth raising at least.  Quality of our undead servants been slipping lately, and the Sapphic ones are hard workers.”

As if on cue, an animated skeleton dressed in the moth-eaten finery of a servant from days gone by, enters the kitchen and says with an affected sassiness, “You get what’cha pay for honey.  Oh hey there Tori.  The girls are causin’ a ruckus again.   Ana’s upset that Gilly’s putting all of her prized bats in the belfry in sparkly little eyeglasses.”

Victoria purses her lips and pauses for a moment; catching a tell-tale ‘I told you so’ look from Nana before responding to the animated butler, “Why exactly is my dear Gillian doing that, Ossifer?”

“Oh, she heard one of her classmates mention that bats were blind, of course!” the skeleton said, bemused.

Victoria let out an exasperated sigh and folded her arms elegantly, “Be a good ghoul and bring my darlings down here please.  I need to help Nana get their food packed for their first overnight in the graveyard.”

“Yer the boss dearie!” the skeleton said dutifully; moments later to be heard in the distance shouting, “Get down here you little monsters!  Your mother wants to see you!”

Nana, finished cutting the raw meat into cubes, saying nothing, stared holes into the raven haired mother-of-two.

“Nana, please.  I don’t want to have this conversation right now.”

“You give me two years and I’ll get all that disgusting sparkly pony and rainbows nonsense out of her head.  The necropolis under Cairo still has openings for the Fall you know.”

“Nana, I refuse to make my child into something she is not, even if it’s ….unpleasant.”

Nana put down the last knapsack she was packing and pointed a gnarled finger at Victoria, “500 years it’s been since we’ve had a wretched fairy godmother in our family, and I will not see that record broken by your daughter.  Ridiculous!  Did you know your little Gilly would not even pack her body bag for the camping trip unless I let her line it with moss?  Who wants to sleep in a body bag lined with moss??!! And, what, my dear, I ask you, is she even supposed to do with Fairy Godmother skills nowadays in this modern world?  How many princesses are even left, hmm?”

Nana’s diatribe was interrupted by the sudden entrance of two balls of energy; one of fire, and one of glittering light.  The balls of energy exploded in a flash of light and The Hauntress’s two children appeared. 

A bubbly little girl in a pink dress and blonde hair rushed to hug Victoria’s legs, “Mummy!” she giggled happily.

“Hello my darling little girl,” Hauntress said with an uneasy but genuine smile.

“Gillian!” Nana yelled disapprovingly, “show some restraint! You don’t see your sister fawning over your mother like some sort of mortal!” Proudly, the ancient woman beamed, “Ah, my refined and powerful Anastacia.  Look at her Victoria.  Magnificent.  She has your grandfather’s eyes.”

“Yes I see,” Hauntress said curtly, “and how many times have I asked you to not let her play with them?  Anastacia my dear put those back in the jar where you found them.”

“But mom!” the little girl in crimson and black whined.

“You can play with them again when you’re done packing, now go finish up,” she said, pointing toward the open door.

“Fine!” Anastacia said, her eyes and fine dragon scales that contoured her hairline glowing orange with fury before she turned again into a fireball and rushed up the sturdy and sculpted stairs.

Kneeling down, she turned her attention to Gillian, who was shyly holding one of the little pair of glasses she conjured for the bats.

“What good work my dear!” Hauntress said, “But, bats don’t actually need these, my love.”

“But, but, but what about what Timmy said in school?  ‘Blind as a bat?”

“Well…” Hauntress paused, reflecting on her children’s amazing capacity to stump her on a more frequent basis and trying to come up with an adequate response when a hatch in the kitchen floor opened, revealing a handsome and well-dressed red-skinned young man with horns, cloven hooves, and a pointed tail.

“Saved by the devil,” Victoria thought to herself.  Finishing her sentence with Gilly, she said, “Well….that sounds like a good question to ask your Uncle Dante during your camping trip.”

“Okay mommy!” Gillian said happily as she rushed into her Uncle’s arms.  “Uncle Dante!" She squealed with glee.

The young devil picked up the little girl enthusiastically and hugged her, “How’s my little angel?”

Gilly giggled as Dante swung her around the kitchen; only stopping to put her down when he caught Nana’s glare. 

Victoria smiled at her brother, “Thank you for coming home to take them Dante.  You’re doing me a big favor.  These Golden Age Heroes have some questions for me and then I have to get my office set up at the College.  I shouldn't be in Millennium City long though.  I should be back in a few days.”

“No problem sis, but, make sure it’s only a few days.  Monster’s union wants me back in New Jersey by mid week.”

“What’s going on?” Hauntress asked with concern.

“Pine Barrens have been devastated and they don’t want me exposed.  Want me packed and out of there until the area’s had a chance to recover from the Hurricane.

“What are you going to do until then?” she said, putting a supportive arm on his shoulder.

He sighed, “I don’t know.  The Jersey Devil gig has been steady work for over a century.”

Tori smiled wickedly as an idea flashed in her mind, “Here’s a thought.  Why don’t you come to Millennium City with me?  I could use help with the girls now that Ossifer’s off to Palm Springs to get his bones bleached next month.

Dante shrugged, “Oh God good!  He’s been yellowing.”  Smiling, he continued, “Could be fun.  I’ll think about it.”

Tickling Gilly’s belly and lifting her into the air again, he asked, “What do you think about that, my little angel?  Do you want me to come live with your mom and your sister and that nasty, nasty butler?”

“Yes!” she squeed loudly, much to the distain of Nana; who grimaced at the sweetness as she cleaned the remaining meat off the counter.

“C’mon!” Dante said happily, “Let’s go tell your sister the good news!” before disappearing into a puff of Brimstone.

Hauntress, pleased with the recent sequence of events, took the packed lunches from the counter and followed her brother out of the kitchen; thanking Nana for her help.

“You want to take this family and our proud traditions off a cliff, don’t let me stop you,” her Nana scoffed.

As Hauntress left the kitchen, Nana stared at the empty kitchen and said hollowly, “Bone appétit.”


<to be continued in Millennium City>

Global:  @Zenbuddhist (City of Heroes) @Savesh (Champions Online)

GAH Member 2005-2009, 2011-Present.  Current member of the GAH and ardent supporter of their ideals and members; regardless of setting.

Spitfire Jane (Council) 11/22/2012 1:39 PM EST : RE: A New Begining.
Spitfire Jane
Posts: 467

Some would say we flew too low, that our wings were weighed down as they touched the waves. Some, that we flew too high, and our wings were melted away in the heat of the sun. Only one thing is certain, and the skies will never forget.

We flew.

Can you feel the sky, alive with the anticipation of energy? Can you feel the pressure weighing down before the clouds burst? Through the haze and the glow of the War Walls, the sun burns the sky.

Red sky at morning.

Can you feel it?

Spitfire Jane was airborne over the city, the air rushing past her in her wake. A sky like this usually signaled some sort of invasion, or catastrophic event, but no enemy was in sight.

Cool air rushed by. Long blonde hair blowing in the wind, brushing her cheek. Masked blue eyes scanned the streets. The sound of leather, the scent of oiled steel. The air alive, like a coiled spring, waiting for release.

Down below, a blue car drove along the wide streets of Skyway City's highest overpasses. She couldn't see the driver from her altitude, but she had followed the car's progress since the young woman driving it had pulled away from the median. The Trolls had blocked the road, pulling her from the car and demanding money, threatening violence. They hadn't been much of a fight once Spitfire Jane had landed among them.

The woman was a software developer on her way to the studio. Light brown hair, glasses. She wore a t-shirt from an English metal band, featuring masked fighter pilots. The album was titled "Never Say Die," and it was the last with their original singer. Her name was Claire. She had told Jane that when she had thanked her. Then she had driven away in her blue car, a Mazda Miata with the top up. It did feel like it might rain, after all.

She would always remember Claire; her face, her voice, the way she had knelt down to pick up her broken briefcase, the sight of her blue Miata on that overpass, beneath the electric sky.

At least, the sky had chosen to break after the Trolls had been spotted and defeated. It had been a small effort for her, but for Claire, it might have been everything.

At least, it had waited that long.

The sky broke, and everything was gone, but in that moment, time stretching and twisting, straining to hold, she was not alone.

Spitfire Jane felt the world spinning around her, the fabric of space and time tearing away from her, but the voice was calm and soothing.

Oh England My Lionheart,
I'm in your garden fading fast in your arms

"Daughter of England, I cannot hold you." it said. "But I will not lose you."

The soldiers soften, the war is over
The air-raid shelters are blooming clover,
Flapping umbrellas fill the lanes
My London Bridge in rain again

She could feel it pulling away. The world. All the world.

"No! I can't leave! Not like this!"

Oh England My Lionheart
Peter Pan steals the kids in Kensington Park

"You will find yourself in another world, one in some ways the same, but others, very different. There is an England there, and she is my sister, but she does not know you."

You read me Shakespeare on the Rolling Thames,
That old River Poet that never, ever ends

"Your power will diminish, perhaps change, but I can ease your way. I can hold onto you by a slender thread, even if you are separated from this world."

Our Thumping hearts hold the Ravens in,
And keep the tower from tumbling

"I don't understand . . . without everything I've ever known, what would I be?"

Oh England My Lionheart . . .
Oh England My Lionheart . . .
Oh England My Lionheart . . .
I don't want to go

The vortex pulled at her, contracted around her. It was far too strong to fight, but one must never suppose she did not. It is what we do.

"You will have to let go in order to hold on." the voice said. "For us to remain connected, even by a slender thread, something of you must remain behind. Something deeply connected to you. Something that symbolizes our bond, to form a connection between the worlds."

Oh England My Lionheart
Dropped from my Black Spitfire to my funeral barge,

She understood what she had to do. With the world whirling around her, pulling her away, Emily Grey pulled off her goggles, the ones her grandfather had worn, and wrapped the band around her heavy, solid wrench, her grandmother's. The constant companion that had brought down many villains and save many lives in her time in Paragon City.

Give me one kiss in the appleblossom,
Give me one wish and I'd be wassailing

She felt its weight in her hand for the last time, then let it go, spinning into the vortex.

"Please . . ." she whispered. "Don't forget me."

"No one ever could." the voice replied. "Please, child, don't forget me."

In the orchard my English Rose,
Or with my shepherd who'll bring me home

She didn't know if she should wish for those she loved, those she cared about the most, her friends and family, to come with her or not. She didn't want to face this alone, nor did she wish for them to be ripped from their homes as well.

Whatever it was, it would be. She would find a way to be with them again no matter the outcome.

"My family . . ."

Oh England My Lionheart . . .

"My friends . . ."

Oh England My Lionheart . . .

"My loved ones . . ."

Oh England My Lionheart . . .

Oh England My Lionheart . . .

Oh England My Lionheart . . .

"I will never forget. Never."

I don't want to go . . .

Lyrics by Kate Bush.


Green Taipan (Member) 11/24/2012 8:09 AM EST : RE: A New Beginning.
Green Taipan
Posts: 1486

As the Praetorian War in Paragon City came to a close, an unusual and rare peace (such as it was) settled over the denizens of the various neighbourhoods and protected zones. Yes, there were still mad gods and gangs and robots and aliens, but the world seemed to have come back from the brink of the insanity of full-scale war.

Ian Robinson, for his part, seemed finally able to pursue the life he might’ve taken had he not become Green Taipan. He resumed his tenure with Portal Corps and offered his service a xenobiologist and dimensional scout. It was a rewarding life. He even considered what it was like to just be him and not a hero, not a mutant, just him. Doing the work that he was maybe born to do.

 It was here that things began to turn for the worse.

He began to feel ill, as if he’d contracted an alien flu or virus. There would be bouts of tiredness, there would be bouts of dizziness, but nothing that lasted too long. His Treatment X was modified, the feelings subsided. And yet…something lingered at the back of his mind. Maybe the last two years fighting the Praetorians, losing two of Paragon’s finest were just taking their toll on him. And yet….

After one particular headache, the thought began to occur to him.

Maybe someone’s tampering with my serum.

How was that even possible? He wasn’t a trained chemist or scientist like Nurse Midnight or a genius researcher like Gold Falcon, but he was the world’s premiere authority on Treatment X (it didn’t really matter that the treatment itself had been abandoned in the 1960’s as being too unsafe for normal humans) and if anyone could find out what was wrong, it’d be him.

The results of testing a sample revealed the impossible. Someone had been genetically engineering his serum (produced in the Greylock labs and on site at Portal Corps) to atrophy his powers. And in the process lower his immune system to the point of collapse. It could be a hero mind-controlled, it could be one of the dozens of research scientists at Portal Corps who had access to his lab there.

But he was dying, and time was running out.

It wasn’t until the day of the Light that everything got turned on its head.  The leads had narrowed for him, and there wasn’t time to tell everyone that he was more than sick. The sooner he could find the source virus that changed Treatment X, the better. The best bet was a Polish research scientist, Jonas Abram.

Why was that so damn familiar?

Ian had taken up a position to stake out his apartment in Kings Row, the commute out to Peregrine Island a lot easier and safer than it had been during the War. The horrible shooting pains in his hands he had to put aside, even though he knew that the next time he used his claws, the bleeding would take that much longer to stop.

Finally, Abram came out of his apartment. And he looked just like…

The Light was unlike anything he’d ever experienced in Ouroboros, in Cimerora, even in the ethereal realms of Night Ward. The whole city shimmered and shifted in front of him like a curtain of sound and color and his senses reeled. The identity of the man he was looking at was swept away because the man himself was swept away, the very hint of his existence stripped back like a searing fire. The same fire Taipan felt through his body, his nerves, his blood.

When he finally started hearing sounds again, he was in cuffs and his hands were bandaged up to the elbows. His claws were gone, he could feel that.  But whatever had just happened had also saved his life somehow. The headache, the pain, they were all gone. 

‘Green Taipan, huh?’ came the voice of the policemen in front of him as they wheeled him on a gurney out of a hospital. ‘And an Australian and caught on the scene of a botched kidnap attempt. Your boss sure doesn’t train ‘em like they used to.’

‘Especially not in jail,’ another voice came.

Wherever he was, they thought he was…someone’s minion? Lux would never let him hear the end of it…

What came next was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He flung himself backwards off the gurney (even though he was still attached to it) and used the entire thing as a weapon even as the cops drew their guns. A swing left and a swing right later, and they were both down, unconscious.  Throwing himself out of a second-story window on a gurney was not his best idea, but by the time it landed, it meant he had a free hand to unlock the other cuff and go on the run.

The city, Millenium City, wasn’t too different from home, other than he could never call himself Green Taipan again. But there was an option.

By the time he’d redesigned his costume and figured out that the Green Viper was an attempting-to-reform vigilante who had defected from the very same VIPER organisation and he’d presented himself (in passing) to the authorities who initially wanted to arrest him, the internet and television was abuzz with the news of heroes appearing from another dimension. His dimension.

Maybe the Golden Age Heroes made it, he wondered. Who knows who else did. And of course the big question loomed…if they could get home again.

But this city had its own problems, its own wannabe dictator in Doctor Destroyer. And an island of dinosaurs. And gangs.

And Proud Citizen would just love the fact that he’d finally learned how to use escrima sticks.

This wasn’t his home.

But it’d be good enough. 



Comicsluvr (Applicant) 12/7/2013 5:21 PM EST : RE: A New Begining.
Posts: 50

Talos and Sapphire Mystery were on patrol when it happened. It started with a low hum, almost like a vibration one could feel in the back of their head.

"What is that?" Mystery asked as they patrolled Atlas Park.

"I don't know," Talos replied, worried. He could hear the hum with his audio sensors but he couldn't pinpoint the source. It was if it was just everywhere. Then the light appeared on the far side of the War Wall and the world exploded. The two of them were swatted from the sky like gnats as the shockwave hit them. Talos dug a deep furrow in the grassy field of the park before coming to rest against a fountain. Mystery tumbled along the ground, trying to roll with the force, so she was on her feet before he was.

"Priority alert!" Mystery called into the communicator. Static was her only reply. "I can't get through to the Greylock building!" she said as she tried to get her bearings. Talos tried all the frequencies but the result was the same. He looked around at the buildings, most of them with shattered windows and cosmetic damage as far as he could tell, and made a decision.

"We're on our own for now," he said as he turned up the gain on his audio again. He could hear faint cries of help from nearby. "The rest of the team will respond if they can but we're likely going to be all over the place. Without a central threat to fight our best bet is to help the trapped and injured." He indicated the direction of the cries and together they found a family trapped under debris thrown by the shockwave.

"After we get you free, hide out in that storm drain," Mystery said as she pointed to the concrete-lined opening. The husband nodded as he helped his wife and children to their feet. Mystery watched to make sure they were safe before turning back to the questions racing through her mind. "What could have done all this?" she asked as they moved toward the nearest damaged building. "Was it the Rikti or some sort of Arachnos weapon? Something...nuclear?"

"The radiation is up but not much," Talos replied as they reached the building and cleared the doorway together. Dazed and wounded people began staggering out. "Not enough for nuclear weapons. Nothing I've ever seen the Rikti or Arachnos use. It registers on my sensors so it's probably not magical. It has no's like it just appeared out of nowhere." They cleared the building and moved to the next...and the next. The morning turned into afternoon and still there was no end to the carnage. Radio communications had started to come back but the chatter was deafening. It was as if the whole world had been hit at once. Emergency services were battered and the world's heroes were racing from disaster to disaster to do what they could. Reports were pouring in from everywhere. Baumton had been flattened, the already-damaged buildings now shattered. Overbrook was flooded, the dam broken and useless. Other members of the GAH had been seen but each was already busy dealing with threats in their own area. They had saved hundreds, thousands, but many could not be saved. Mystery silently wept for every one they lost, secretly wishing she could save just one more of them...just one more life. They were just beginning to get their second wind when the hum started up again.

"Take cover!" Talos said to the nearby crowd as he waved his arms. His voice amplifiers were louder than a megaphone and the people needed no further urging. Mystery saw a child knocked to the ground and sprinted towards her as fast as she could. Talos turned to see where she was going and realized they had no place to hide. They were caught in the middle of the street with no sound cover anywhere. He looked down and immediately devised a plan. He brought his foot down hard on the edge of the manhole cover and the metal buckled. He pried the cover free as he caught sight of Sapphire Mystery again. She had the girl and was racing back as fast as she could. Talos felt the hum intensify and checked the timer running in his visor. If the shockwave came as fast as the last one they weren't going to make it.

"Talos!" Mystery cried. She had also felt the hum and knew what it meant. "Get ready!"

"No Helen!" he replied, her real name slipping in his haste. "You can make it!"

"One more life!" Mystery shouted as she planted her foot, pivoted and sent the girl flying through the air. Talos took a step closer, caught the girl and then folded backwards down the manhole to absorb the impact. The two of them crashed at the bottom, Talos on his back and the girl clutched in front of him, as the next wave hit. The light grew impossibly bright, the sound impossibly loud. It was as if everything was coming to an end.

Talos did not know how long he lay unconscious. His internal chronograph was broken and he did not recognize the stars in the night sky above him. He lay on his back, barely able to move, and then a shadow appeared above him. A figure in red and black armor knelt down beside him and waved a hand in his general direction.

"This is Shocker...I've located another one," the figure said. "I'm getting a life-sign but it's very faint. He must be hurt."

"I am...uninjured," Talos replied weakly. "However my combat chassis is...badly damaged."

"Well I can likely help with that," the figure said. "My name is Shocker. I saw you lying here and came to lend assistance. Who are you and where are you from?"

"My name is Talos and I am from...far away it would appear," Shocker extended his hand and Talos took it, rising unsteadily to his feet. "There was a woman with me, in a costume, and a little girl. Did you see anyone else nearby?"

"I'm sorry but no, I didn't," Shocker replied. "However I'm not the only one to report finding strangers in the area. There have been dozens of sightings over the past few hours. Maybe someone else has found your friends. This place you said you were from...what was it called?"

"Earth," Talos replied as he began running diagnostics on his armor. Most of his systems were damaged or destroyed. "We called it Earth."

"How odd...that's what we call this," Shocker said as he waved his arm toward the horizon. "I don't suppose you recognize anything do you?"

"No...but then Paragon City is on the east coast," Talos explained. His internal compass WAS working and he could see the great expanse of water was north of where he was standing. Looking east he saw land for miles. He must have been blown inland...wherever he was.

"Paragon City? Never heard of it I'm afraid," Shocker said grimly. "Over there is Millennium City, formerly known as Detroit."

"Detroit...Michigan?" Talos asked as he struggled to remember his studies of Earth geography.

"Yes! Detroit Michigan!" Shocker replied, elated that a connection had been made. "Perhaps you're not so far from home after all!"

"It would seem that I am always far from home," Talos said sadly as he gazed again into the night sky. Even after he'd arrived on Earth and begun making friends, he had always hoped to return to his own people some day. But his ship was still damaged, hidden on the far side of the moon, and now he was lost in a strange world. "Shocker, I am in need of your help. I have friends back where I came from and I wish to find them again."

"Helping others is what I do," Shocker replied as he helped Talos limp towards a nearby transport. "I'm one of the good guys."

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